NexusDB GetChangedTables()

NexusDB GetChangedTables()

Postby Aggie85 » Wed 11 Jan 2017 19:25

Howdy All!

I am trying to move my codebase away from NexusDB components to Unidac since I am in the process of adding additional databases.

I have a background thread in my application that updates some cached tables as they are changed. The routine uses the NexusDB session method GetChangedTables() which returns a list of all tables changed since the last time the method was called.

Any suggestions on how to implement such a feature using Unidac for all supported databases?

All the best!

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Re: NexusDB GetChangedTables()

Postby ViktorV » Thu 12 Jan 2017 09:36

UniDAC doesn't support this functionality. UniDAC is a universal set of components for various DBMSs and it has no support for some specific functionality of particular DBMSs. This feature is specific only for NexusDB.
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