Features in OraDeveloper Studio

Features in OraDeveloper Studio

Postby Kannan » Fri 08 Dec 2006 18:16


This is Kannan. I have certain queries regarding your product and have listed them below. I would request you to please give your ideas so that I can come to a conclusion of either buying your product or have to consider buying an additional product along with yours.

The first thing which I like very much is that your product depends on .NET 2.0 which is good and I like native windows applications instead of Java based application.

The following are the doubts I have.

Will your product OraDeveloper Studio will feature the following ?

1.Monitoring the Oracle database health paremeters such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, Disk utilization for tablespace, archive log etc, current queries being executed - all within OraDeveloper Studio.

2.Will there be an option of customizing the syntax highlight colors.

3.Any Import/Export features. Becuase here I don't use full oracle client. I use only instant oracle client.

4.Will the application feature any plugin architecture so that others can create plugins. I myself is a .NET developer.

5.Oracle error lookup feature.

6.If possible a seperate window which might be an IE module so that I can browse within OraDeveloper Studio. I mainly require this feature to browse the oracle Enterprise Manager.

7.DB Monitor within OraDeveloper Studio.

I know I am asking lot of questions. But I like this product would like to take a decision.

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Postby Duke » Mon 11 Dec 2006 07:34

1. We'll consider including these features for the next version.
2. We've already began with this.
3. The main problem here is data export for object data types. By now, there is Generate DDL wizard for schema and security objects.
4. Fast of all it will in the near future.
5. Do you mean Oracle documentation lookup?
6. It already includes built-in IE-based documentation browser. You can use it for online browsing. But you must have Visual Studio .NET installed (or, at least, .NET Framework SDK).
7. What kind of monitoring do you need. Local or remote one?
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Postby Kannan » Mon 11 Dec 2006 11:59

1. Do you mean the feature will be implemented in v3.x ?
2. Happy to hear that this feature will be available in next release. Will there be an option of adding the keywords to the existing list so that they can be colored if they are not there in the list.
3. Yup I saw that. Hmm seems like I have to wait. No problem.
4. Eagerly waiting for this feature so that I can develope some plugins.
5. Not oracle documentation. It is the error lookup. E.g ORA-000XXX -> explanation of error.
6. Ok I saw that. Is it possible to bookmark.
7. Any queries run at the server end and also generated by OraDeveloper.
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Postby Duke » Mon 18 Dec 2006 13:30

1. We plan 2.xx version releases. But I cannot say anything about the terms right now.
2. We'll include this point in the feature list.
5. We'll add this feature to future plans.
7. We'll consider integrating our DBMonitor application with OraDeveloper.
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