dbForge Compare EXRESS - New Connection

dbForge Compare EXRESS - New Connection

Postby pdolinski » Thu 26 Feb 2015 15:51


I installed the EXPRESS edition to try out your software.

How do I establish a connection to a database?? There is a [New] button on the "New Data Comparison" window, but this is only available in standard edition?? On the Connection Initialization Error pop-up I get, I don't quite understand what my PATH has to do with this. The online documentation is only available for your standard edition, so it is useless in this case. Pls help.

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Re: dbForge Compare EXRESS - New Connection

Postby alexa » Thu 26 Feb 2015 16:46

You would need to configure your Oracle client in order to work with the Express Edition of dbForge. Please see the following article explaining how to correctly configure your Oracle Instant Client so our tools can work with it http://blogs.devart.com/dbforge/how-to-configure-oracle-instant-client.html

Also, you can use Direct mode that doesn't require an Oracle client to be installed at all. However, since Direct mode is not available in the Express edition of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle Oracle, you have to install a fully featured 30-day Trial version http://www.devart.com/dbforge/oracle/datacompare/download.html Please see the 'Using Direct Mode' topic in the product's Help documentation for details.

Additionally, in case you are using a 32-bit Oracle client on a 64-bit operating system and you wish to connect via the 32-bit Oracle client, you have to install a 32-bit version of another our product dbForge Studio for Oracle (with the mention of 32-bit) that fully includes the functionality of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle. In this case dbForge Studio for Oracle will run as a 32-bit application http://www.devart.com/dbforge/oracle/studio/download.html
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