Meet dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v.3.5 integrated into Visual Studio 2013!

Meet dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v.3.5 integrated into Visual Studio 2013!

Postby Devart » Fri 25 Oct 2013 08:21

Dear users,

Today is the official release date of dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v.3.5! Keep up with the times in database development — integrate dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v.3.5 into Visual Studio and try out all the newest data management capabilities.

OraDeveloper Tools from Devart you used before is now renamed to dbForge Fusion for Oracle. New up-to-date features for Oracle database development are available now.

dbForge Fusion for Oracle, v.3.5 improvements:

    One installation file is served for installing the add-in into Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. You need only to check the required IDE during installation.
    The application can be integrated into dotConnect for Oracle.
Oracle connectivity
    The latest version of Oracle server 12c is supported
    Work with Oracle on Amazon RDS is possible now
New code formatter
    Multiple formatting profiles
    Extended options for formatting different clauses
    Preview window for viewing formatted code with support of code highlighting and editing
    Quick search options filter
    Independent and precise adjustment for SQL-statements
Extended code completion capabilities
SQL intellisense functionality is improved to make your coding easier. Extended code completion, quick help information for objects, and code snippets will simplify your work.
    Suggestion of JOIN statements is added
    Extended Oracle grammar support is available
    Context-specific suggestions are improved
    Full support of suggestions and PL/SQL grammar with context consideration are added
    Code Templates features are renamed to Code Snippets and extended with the manager window for adding and editing SQL templates.
Improved database objects editor
    Editing columns grid in the table editor allows to add and edit columns without opening the shortcut menu
    Full-text search in the column grid is added in the table editor
    Schema changes can be viewed before updating the database
    Editor layout was revised, and now it allows to view the designer and the SQL table simultaneously
    Heuristics is supported: data type of a new column is suggested basing on a column name. Thus the NUMBER data type will be suggested for the CUSTOMER_ID column, and the DATE data type will be suggested for the CHANGE_DATE column.
Schema and Data Comparison Tools are included

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