Can't See Tables [ORADeveloper Studio for Delphi 2007]

Can't See Tables [ORADeveloper Studio for Delphi 2007]

Postby zarko » Mon 28 Apr 2008 10:09


I'm able to connect to an Oracle 7.3 database using Database Explorer from ORADeveloperTools (v. 255) Direct mode (OCI fails).

I'm able to run queries (auto complete of table names works in, for example, select * from TableName - a drop down appears to select tablename).

BUT, I'm not able to see Tables, Packages, etc. in the Database Explorer Tree Window.

From help: "To retrieve all data from a table, right-click on it in Database Explorer and choose Retrieve Data from popup menu. "

"Tables" tree item does not list any sub items, nor does it have "Retrieve.." item in the popup menu. Only : "New Table", "Generate DDL", "Refresh".
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Postby Duke » Mon 05 May 2008 11:37

Could you please describe in detail your connection settings?
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