Understanding Dataset Wizard?

Understanding Dataset Wizard?

Postby davidkennedy » Thu 27 Jul 2006 15:58

Alexey, I am trying to figure out how your product works and every time you simple tell me to read the documentation. I know you understand the documentation, because you wrote it. I on the other hand see infinite hyperlinks that take me further from seeing "the forest through the trees". I tried to find someone to pay to help me in this endeavor and I can't seem to find anyone conversant on your product. So here goes..
I created a web page with an associated .cs file. I open your Dataset Wizard and make a connection to my MySQL database. Then I selected all of my tables. Now, it comes to the "Data Source Type" what do these three mean 1.) None (Use Command Schema 2. Table Adapters 3. Data Adapters?
My intention is to describe data sources in my Web.Config so they are universal to the application.
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Postby Alexey » Fri 28 Jul 2006 06:29

If you choose Data Adapter, new DataAdapter components will be created for all checked tables, views and stored procedures. Similarly, if you choose Command Schema, DataSet will contain structure (metadata) of all selected objects.
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