ASP.Net Membership/Role/Profile Provider

ASP.Net Membership/Role/Profile Provider

Postby TillmanZ » Thu 06 Jul 2006 13:42

Hi there!

It seems to me that your implementation does not support the "ApplicationName" attribute.
When I use your connector as provider for membership, roles and profiles then I run into the issue that the applicationname used to query the DB is different when the website is deployed on the production server IIS in comparision to the development server VS internal webserver.
This is a known "issue" (not really a bug of ASP.Net, rather a design issue) and the common cure is to set the applicationname property in the web.config provider definition.

I was using some hotfix to get around that by putting a "Membership.ApplicationName = "/MyAppName";
into the Page_Load of my login.aspx but now that I have changed my web.config to not only use your membership provider but also profile and role provider this doesn't work anymore.

Am I doing something wrong or can I expect an update soon?

Best regards,


P.S. has the square bracket issue been fixed in 3.50.11?
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Postby Alexey » Tue 11 Jul 2006 08:41

We are working on this problem. Look forward to the next build.
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Postby mr breaker » Fri 27 Oct 2006 16:33

Has this been updated?

Is there a way to set the application name in the .config file?
mr breaker
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Postby Alexey » Mon 30 Oct 2006 07:10

Yes. This is the way to set application name in the .config file:
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             ApplicationName="/MyApp" />

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