ASP Membership / Role Provider

ASP Membership / Role Provider

Postby poirazis » Mon 26 Jun 2006 21:34

I am using CoreLab.MySql.Web, Version=
I would really appreciate some more documentation or a small sample on how I can use these. I read the documentation, and supposedly did what it said. I copy/pasted the parts that are supposed to be in the web.config file and only changed the connection string. I also run the SQL scripts that create the tables , and the tables are there. I cannot though administer the website and create users and roles. Instead I get an error that the Role provider is already declared in my web.config. Is there a to-do checklist, a step by step tutorial or a sample available ?

Michael Poirazi
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Postby Alexey » Tue 27 Jun 2006 08:07

We do not have such example.
The steps are stated clear in the "Using MySQLDirect .NET in ASP.NET Provider Model" article of MySQLDirect .NET help documentation. Please follow them.
How do you try to create users?
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I might be able to help

Postby geoffHome » Mon 03 Jul 2006 06:38

Michael did you solve your problem?
I got my stuff to work but all your problems were very familiar.
Couldn't believe no code samples existed.

Busy right now but will dig out my sample(s) if you haven't sorted your problem by now.
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Problem not solved

Postby poirazis » Mon 03 Jul 2006 11:53

Hey there
unfortunately i was unable to solve my problem. I would really appreciate if you have a sample to send me over!

Thank you very much!

Michael Poirazi
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I don't really know what I'm doing but this configuration ended up working

Postby geoffHome » Mon 03 Jul 2006 21:43

I recently tried to get another application working but kept running into problems but this one worked.
I'm shocked that one of the developers couldn't come up with a simple template-recipe of how to use their product.

This is the web.config

// ***I'm pretty sure there was some sort of naming inconsistency so had to do the following

providerName="CoreLab.MySql" />

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thank you!

Postby poirazis » Tue 04 Jul 2006 15:09

Thank you very much,
I will try that tomorrow when I am back in the office.
I must also say that I am a bit suprised with the support here. I would expect a simple sample or a step-by-step procedure...

I greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you again

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Postby Paul » Wed 05 Jul 2006 11:21

"Using MySQLDirect .NET in ASP.NET Provider Model" topic of MySQLDirect .NET describes what to do for using ASP.NET Providers and what information to include in configuration file for particular provider. You can store configuration information in global machine.config file or in Web.config file of your application.
When the configuration is described in both files, settings from Web.config file are applied.
In your example you have to specify more information in roleManager and membership sections as described in documentation. Please write the following

Code: Select all
          description="MySqlDirect membership provider"


                      name="AspNetMySqlRoleProvider" type="CoreLab.MySql.Web.Providers.MySqlRoleProvider" />


We will include sample project to the next version of MySQLDirect .NET
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