VS2005 Licensing Problem

VS2005 Licensing Problem

Postby alanjc45 » Tue 23 May 2006 23:27

I just downloaded the standard MySQLDirect .Net Data Provider using the 2.0 framework after trying to use the trial version. The trial was unusable because it threw a licensing error in the VS2005 Designer when I would try to connect to the MySQL Server on another system.

The non-trial, commercial version does not have this problem. However, after creating a DataAdapter (which previews the data just fine) and adding a DataGridView, it now complains in the debugger that I don't have a license.

I'll try the same thing to a SQL Server and see what happens, but it certainly won't be a licensing error. This is the sort of thing that is supposed to go away once you pay for the software :)

BTW, I uninstalled the trial version and rebooted before installing the commercial version.

Any ideas? I'm just trying the most basic of tests.
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Postby Alexey » Wed 24 May 2006 06:23

MySQLDirect .NET requires special embedded resource being present in your application. This resource can be added automatically when you drop
MySqlConnection component to the WinForms designer, or created manually. For more information refer to 'Licensing' article in MySQLDirect .NET documentation. Please read it carefully.
Inform us if you cannot read documentation.
If instructions provided there do not help you please make sure you have
newest version of MySQLDirect .NET installed. If you do, specify your MySQLDirect .NET version and type of project you create.
Please inform us if you solved the problem.
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What worked for me

Postby alanjc45 » Thu 25 May 2006 17:41

I abandoned the project I started under the trial version. Once I created a new project it included the resource automatically, as advertised.
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