Time column in mysql - DateTime datatype in .net?

Time column in mysql - DateTime datatype in .net?

Postby shutterstock » Wed 29 Mar 2006 19:11

How come we can't use GetDateTime for a time column? it has to be a string?

is there any other Get datatype we can use?

if there a reference chart in the docs that maps C# datatypes to mysql datatypes?

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Postby Alexey » Thu 30 Mar 2006 08:37

If you want to find out which types returns your resultset use MySqlDataAdapter in design time:
1. Place one on the form, right-click it and choose Configure Data Adapter... item from context menu.
2. Type your select query and press Preview... button.
3. In "Preview Data:" window press Schema Tables button and take a look on DataType column.

If you want to have a string representation of data use GetString method of the MySqlDataReader.

If GetDateTime method doesn't work properly please specify the problem.
Hopefully, the following example will be helpful:

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      MySqlDataReader reader = сommand.ExecuteReader();
      StringBuilder myStr = new StringBuilder("");
      while (reader.Read())

Where 4 - is the number of the column that is of DateTime type in the appropriate table.
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