Certificate verification (SSL connection)

Certificate verification (SSL connection)

Postby Thomas Huppertz » Thu 13 Oct 2016 06:37

We are using the lastest mySQL dotConnect for MySQK (Standard Edition) to connect to a MaraiDB via SSL. Everything works fine.

My question is:
How can we verify the Certificate issued by the MariaDB.
We use a self generated certificate and therefore this certificate is not 100% safe (it is not signed).

Atm we can connect to the database (although the certificate is not signed), but how do we force the certificate to be signed by a trusted source?

Is there any chance of a callback function or a paramater used in the connection string?
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Re: Certificate verification (SSL connection)

Postby Pinturiccio » Mon 17 Oct 2016 14:59

You can assign your CACert certificate to the SslOptions.CACert property of a MySqlConnection object. A CACert certificate is used to verify, that the server, which sends a request, is the same server that you expect. For more information, please refer to
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