Help with SSL Certificates

Help with SSL Certificates

Postby Xidus » Tue 14 Feb 2006 01:28


Some time ago, I posted a question on here about using the MySQLDirect adapter to open an encrypted database connection. I was directed to the help file under the section "Using Secure Connections", and this has been quite useful.

However, I'm not sure how to go about getting a copy of the Server's Certificate. Does anyone know where I can find examples or information about setting up a client/server application to request a copy of the server's certificate? The help file is very helpful once you have copies of all required certificates and keys, but it doesn't cover the steps prior to this stage.

Or perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way.
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Postby SecureGen » Tue 14 Feb 2006 13:45

You can generate all certificates yourself using OpenSSL tools and step by step description from "Using Secure Connections" topic. If you have a CA provider you can request certificates.
If you are trying to connect to MySQL server that you do not administer you should know the following information:
- Does this server supports SSL connections?
- If client and/or server requires verification you need client key pairs;
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