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I'm working on a project which uses ODBC driver for database connection, and now I'm trying to replace that with Devart dotConnect for mySQL. I have the following lines of code where strQuery can be anything such as a SELECT statement from a VIEW or a SELECT statement from joined tables.

DbDataReader dreader = null;
DbCommand cmd = getCommand();
cmd.CommandText = strQuery;
cmd.Connection = dbConn;
dreader = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.Keyinfo);

private DbCommand getCommand(){
if (CONNECTION_PROVIDER == "Devart.Data.MySql")
Devart.Data.MySql.MySqlCommand cmd = (Devart.Data.MySql.MySqlCommand)dbfactory.CreateCommand();
cmd.FetchAll = true;
return cmd;

When I run the application, I checked the schemaTable of dreader and I get the following results.
Running with Devart and CommandBehavior.Keyinfo:
-ColumnName = ACCOUNT_ID
-IsUnique = False
-IsKey = True
Running with Devart and CommandBehavior.Default:
-ColumnName = ACCOUNT_ID
-IsUnique = False
-IsKey = True

First of all, I do not understand how dreader picks ACCOUNT_ID as the primary key since I have no primary keys in the view used in my SELECT statement. Secondly, say if ACCOUNT_ID was somehow set to be the primary key, the IsUnique field here should be true whenever IsKey is true, but we see that this is not the case. Lastly, ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.Default) should not be getting the key info, yet IsKey still returns True here.

However, I get the expected result when running with ODBC. The results are as following.
Running with ODBC and CommandBehavior.Keyinfo:
-ColumnName = ACCOUNT_ID
-IsUnique = True
-IsKey = True
Running with ODBC and CommandBehavior.Default:
-ColumnName = ACCOUNT_ID
-IsUnique = False
-IsKey = False

What am I missing here? Please help. Thanks.
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Re: DbCommand.ExecuteReader()

Postby Pinturiccio » Thu 01 Nov 2012 11:47

We have reproduced the issue. We will investigate it and notify you about the results as soon as possible.
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