double quotes problem

double quotes problem

Postby xterm » Tue 15 Nov 2005 13:35

I am using MySQLDirect .NET 2.7.When i am trying to update a table through mysqldataadapter with values that contain " (double quotes), the update command set the updated field value to "chinese" like (”.”. š¬ΔΙ ’Ή¬½½ΏΕ "§±²ΏΝ΄Ή").My database has a greek locale.

Please help ,Sorry for my english
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Postby Serious » Thu 17 Nov 2005 14:25

Please download and install latest version of MySQLDirect .NET (v 2.80.10). Check if this error is present when using this version. If it is, try to set MySqlConnection.Unicode = true in your project.

If this doesn't help, please send us small test project to reproduce the problem. The test project should not require tester to input Greek symbols manually. Include definitions of your database objects. Include in your letter MySQL, Visual Studio, OS version. Use e-mail address provided in registration mail.

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