Installation problem

Installation problem

Postby Zero-G. » Thu 29 Jul 2010 15:21

Hey, by uninstalling/installing your latest products, I always get the following message:


Is there any solution to solve this?

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Postby StanislavK » Fri 30 Jul 2010 15:51

Such problem occurs when you are trying to install a Devart data provider which is not compatible with the ones already installed. For example, you can get this message if you have dotConnect for Oracle 5.35.57 installed, and try to install dotConnect for MySQL 5.80.152. It is also possible that the older version of Devart.Data.dll persisted in the GAC after you removed the older versions of our providers.

If there are older versions of Devart data providers in your system, please uninstall them and try re-installing the newer version. Otherwise, please remove the 5.0.17 version of Devart.Data.dll from GAC.

Please tell us if this helps.
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