Sproc OUT parameter

Sproc OUT parameter

Postby me » Wed 10 Aug 2005 10:32


I've downloaded the trial version to evaluate the product and I am encoutering the following error when I issue the ExecuteReader command. What does this exactly means? The sproc works perfectly from the MySQL command shell.

OUT or INOUT argument 4 for routine mydb.mysproc is not a variable

The sproc definition is as follows:
CREATE PROCEDURE `mysproc`(param1 VARCHAR(7000), param2 INTEGER(4), param3 INTEGER(4), OUT param4 INTEGER(4))...


Postby Oleg » Thu 11 Aug 2005 12:50

MySQL network protocol does not support transfer of OUT parameters to client. You can use these parameters only on the server, for example, from another stored procedure.
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