Persist security Info

Persist security Info

Postby Corrie » Thu 04 Aug 2005 10:05


I would like to know if it is possible to save the password in the connection string of the mysqlconnection object. I have a application I need to retrieve the connection information from the mysqlconnection connectionstring property to create a second connection object and set its connectionstring property to the one from my original connection object.

I know in the MS Sql provider you do this by specifying in the connection string of the connection object like this:
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"Persist Security Info=True;database=MyDB;server=localhost;user id=myUser;Password=myPass"


Postby Serious » Thu 04 Aug 2005 11:10

MySqlConnection object stores password you've specified internally.
Due to security issues MySqlConnection component hides password property in runtime. To create another connection using connection string from 1st connection, you have to store pawword separately.

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