DataReader does not return all values in it..

DataReader does not return all values in it..

Postby Guest » Sat 11 Jun 2005 10:28

This is my code....
If i read records from datareader it only return first 6 records

string str = "Data Source=;Database=cpms;User ID=rakesh;Password=rakesh";

MySQLConnection con = new MySqlConnection (str);


MySqlCommand cmdSelect1 = new MySqlCommand("Select LoginID,FirstExpStartDate,FirstExpEndDate, ,SecondExpEndDate,ThirdExpStartDate,ThirdExpEndDate from experiance where LoginID = '"+ user +"'",con);

dr = cmdSelect1.ExecuteReader ();

Postby Serious » Tue 14 Jun 2005 07:06

Trial version of the provider is limited by number of the returned table columns. MySQLDirect .NET trial version returns result set with maximum 6 columns. Extra select-list columns are truncated.

dataReader Problem

Postby santanu » Wed 06 Jul 2005 16:13

me too.Have U find any soln?

Postby Serious » Sun 10 Jul 2005 14:05

If you have this problem with standard or professional version, try to reinstall MySQLDirect .NET. Check before that MySQLDirect isn't installed and there are no CoreLab.MySql.dll, CoreLab.MySql.Addin.dll, CoreLab.MySql.Design.dll files in GAC.

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