Make A Getting Started Example

Make A Getting Started Example

Postby joegoh » Mon 04 Aug 2008 02:40


I wonder if a getting started example will help your users of MyDirect and MyDirect for Mobile easier.

I am new to Visual Studio. I have used MyDac. I dont' want to do much programming in VS but need to get a project done for mobile. If you can create a simple Getting Started Example for both edition, it would go along way.

Something to start with: dropping a component or two, some code to connect to a grid, etc.. coding for a simple project. Make the getting started examples as simple as possible. Show us how simple it is. Perhaps new users will not be overwhelmed... :)

Great jobs with these components! But may we simple documentation for beginners. :)

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Postby AndreyR » Mon 04 Aug 2008 14:18

We recommend to investigate our samples. These are rather simple and illustrate most of our products' features.
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