Command.Prepare() makes command ignore parameters values

Command.Prepare() makes command ignore parameters values

Postby Max Kosenko » Mon 14 Jul 2008 21:02


I'm evaluating MyDirect.NET and stuck with strange problem.
I was using document

But no matter what I'm doing - in case I'm calling command.Prepare() - after that MySQL 5.1 Embedded doesn't see any parameter value (it's seeing NULL). But without Prepare() it's quite visible that performance is poor.

I have tried all possible things (and found that the problem is in Prepare), but nothing helps to stay with Prepare. Could you help me on that?


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MySqlCommand intQuery = con.CreateCommand();

intQuery.CommandText = "SELECT T1.i,T1.s FROM TestIndex as T1 WHERE T1.i = :param";

intQuery.Parameters.Add(new MySqlParameter(":param", MySqlType.BigInt)); //It doesn't matter if param without ":" or with "@" or unnamed at all.

//intQuery.Prepare(); // Uncomment this - and nothing works on same DB
intQuery.Parameters[0].Value = key;
reader = intQuery.ExecuteReader();
bool found = reader.Read();

Now, "found" always == false (no matter what's in Value) if I'm calling Prepare(). And always == true without Prepare (and correct value).

That's definetly a problem somewhere in provider. But I don't have sources and don't want to decompile DLL.

Will be very glad for any real help.
Spent a lot of time with it already.

Best Regards. Max
Max Kosenko
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Postby AndreyR » Thu 24 Jul 2008 16:28

Hello, Max.

We are investigating the problem, but the situation appears to be quite difficult. No timeframe is available.
We think the problem is the issue of the MySQL Embedded server itself, though.

Regards, Andrey.
Devart Team
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