Select in DataAdapter dosen't work

Select in DataAdapter dosen't work

Postby Zero-G. » Tue 19 Feb 2008 11:06


I try to use the following code in a DataAdapter:
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Create Temporary Table if not exists offAuftrag (KundenID BigInt);
Insert Into offAuftrag(Select KundenID from auftragbrille where Bewegung=0);
Insert Into offAuftrag(Select KundenID from auftraghandelsware where Bewegung=0);
SELECT distinct
kundenstamm where kundenstamm.KundenID=offAuftrag.KundenID

But I always get the error, that the table offAuftrag dosen't exist.

Can you please help me
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Postby Alexey.mdr » Tue 19 Feb 2008 14:39

We couldn't reproduce the error.
Perhaps you get:
“Table 'test.auftraghandelsware' doesn't exist” error, if so please check your INSERT statements.

Otherwise please send me a small test project to reproduce the problem.
It is desirable to use 'test' schema objects, otherwise include the
definition of your own database objects.
Do not use third party components.
If it is impossible for you to create the test project, send us a piece of
your code where the error occurs.
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