Problem with Membership Providers in 4.20.19

Problem with Membership Providers in 4.20.19

Postby badgeratu » Thu 27 Sep 2007 14:32


With the release of 4.20.19 it seems that an old bug has resurfaced. In an existing project I have defined an ASP.NET Membership Provider in a site Web.config file as follows:

This has worked for some time now, however with the release of 4.20.19 an error is thrown when the provider is loaded indicating that "ApplicationName" is an unrecognized attribute.

This was a problem that was resolved in an earlier version of MySQL Direct (I forget which one), and it seems that your provider is no longer informing the System.Configuration layer that "ApplicationName" is a valid attribute. This prevents the provider from being loaded, or (by omitting ApplicationName) from locating the correct Membership Application group in the database.

This is a MAJOR BUG that has been re-introduced. Can you please resolve it ASAP, or suggest a workaround? (as setting the ApplicationName property in code does not work when the membership provider is dynamically invoked).

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Postby Alexey » Thu 27 Sep 2007 14:50

The correct spelling is "applicationName" now (in accordance to SQL Server provider).
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