Support for ARM 32

Support for ARM 32

Postby thewilsons13 » Sat 28 Oct 2017 10:53

I checked your compatibility documentation and saw no mention, but is there (or any thought of) compatibility with ARM32? .NET Core has started to provide regular builds for ARM32, so it may not be a huge leap now. I think you'd be the first Oracle client to make that jump. My brief perusal of the interwebs indicated that the only option for making an Oracle connection from ARM is the JDBC driver on Java.

Now "just" the preferred architecture of IoT, ARM is gaining momentum in the data center:
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Re: Support for ARM 32

Postby Shalex » Tue 31 Oct 2017 14:19

dotConnect for Oracle includes the MSIL assemblies which are not tied to a particular architecture.

We didn't test our ADO.NET providers with ARM.
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