Good product, not good future

Good product, not good future

Postby zillion » Thu 02 Mar 2006 09:43


I think this is a good product.

But it is based on the understanding of Oracle TNS protocol. Oracle will never open the protocol but will develop further. I wonder OraDirect.Net could keep the step.

Now with Oracle 9i, TNS changed. They use 16 bytes session-key to encrypt password instead of 8 bytes with Oracle 8i.

And I found OraDirect.Net just acts as oracle 8i to connect to 8i,9i,10g.

this means, when oracle 9i enhanced security level, OraDirect.Net still Not.

So I doubt the future of Direct Mode.

Am I right?

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Postby Paul » Thu 02 Mar 2006 14:57

We position Direct mode as additional feature of OraDirect .NET. It has certain known restrictions that are described in our documentation. If you need comprehensive Oracle server support use OCI connections in OraDirect .NET. We cannot guarantee Direct mode working with all future versions of Oracle server.
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