licensing problem with assembly loaded at runtime

licensing problem with assembly loaded at runtime

Postby oribolzi » Sun 26 Feb 2006 22:08

I am currently testing the Oracle .NET driver for adoption on a Gis app.
I'm also testing LLBLGen, and trying to write a new driver using your product.

When the LLBLGen designer load the driver (my assembly) and try to open a connection, a licensing not found error raise.
The assembly has the licenses.licx file embedded, but I cannot embed the resource on the the LLBLGen designer.

Any alternate solution ?

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Postby Paul » Mon 27 Feb 2006 07:23

OraDirect .NET allows to create class libraries that can be used with certain executable files. To do this, create a text file named licenses.config and place it to the folder with licenses.licx. In this file enumerate names of executable files that will work with the library, every file name on separate line, for example:


You do not have to add the file licenses.config to project. You have to include licenses.licx to your project also.
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