SYS.DBMS_LOB must be declared

SYS.DBMS_LOB must be declared

Postby worthingtonjg » Thu 22 May 2014 20:33

I have a table that has a COMMENTS VARCHAR2(100) field. When call SaveChanges() to save my changes to the entity, if I've changed the COMMENTS field then I get the following error ...

PLS-00201: identifier 'SYS.DBMS_LOB' must be declared

Any ideas? If I don't change that field then everything works fine.
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Re: SYS.DBMS_LOB must be declared

Postby Shalex » Mon 26 May 2014 11:35

1. Are there any triggers for your table in the database?
2. Turn on the dbMonitor tool to find out the exact SQL statement which leads to the error and specify this SQL:
3. Please create a new table with VARCHAR2(100) column and add it to the model. Does the problem persist with the new table as well?
4. Try granting a privilege for your user:
5. Are you using Code-First mapping or edmx/edml?
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