Performance issues with fetching UDT's

Performance issues with fetching UDT's

Postby chloeff » Tue 25 Mar 2014 14:21


in our application we are fetching User-Defined Types through Cursors like this:
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Select Test_Type(empno, hiredate) from emp

We have observed a large performance difference compared to the statements without UDT's:
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Select empno, hiredate from emp

This is the result of our tests with different fetch sizes in Oci mode and in Direct mode:

FetchSize: 50000

Oci UDT: 0.75 s
Oci No UDT: 0.11 s

Direct UDT: 0.51 s
Direct No UDT: 0.12 s

FetchSize: 250000

Oci UDT: 3.57 s
Oci No UDT: 0.51 s

Direct UDT: 2.51 s
Direct No UDT: 0.66 s

FetchSize: 1250000

Oci UDT: 16.74 s
Oci No UDT: 3.06 s

Direct UDT: 12.21 s
Direct No UDT: 3.23 s

As you can see, the performance differs by factor 4 (Direct mode) to 6 (Oci mode).
Do you have any suggestions? We are using Oracle and dotConnect for Oracle 8.3.115

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Re: Performance issues with fetching UDT's

Postby Pinturiccio » Fri 28 Mar 2014 16:07

This is designed behaviour. Using User Defined Types takes more time than queries without UDTs. Other providers have the same behavior. For example you may test is with ODP.NET.
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