Null-access exception

Null-access exception

Postby Demigor » Fri 20 Jan 2006 19:18

I get strange exception using OraDirect.NET 3.2.

using (OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(connection))
using (OracleTransaction trans = conn.BeginTransaction())
// making some DB-changes

trans.Commit(); <<<< after commit here

Looks like Dispose method is buggy for both OracleConnection & OracleTransaction classes.

Postby Paul » Wed 25 Jan 2006 09:49

We reproduced your problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in the next OraDirect .NET build.
As a workaround you can avoid writing "using" clause or Dispose() for OracleTransaction. OracleTransaction.Commit() method calls OracleTransaction.Dispose() inside.
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