dbMonitor Duration

dbMonitor Duration

Postby PatrikAhlquist » Wed 09 Jan 2013 09:43

About the duration column in dbMonitor.
It's always a small value between Prepare and Execute, even though I can clearly tell that the execute operation is taking much longer.

Like this:
But if I copy the question and run it in Oracle SQL Developer it takes almost 30 seconds!

So, am I not understanding what duration is?

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Re: dbMonitor Duration

Postby Pinturiccio » Fri 11 Jan 2013 15:37

The performance of dotConnect for Oracle and Oracle SQL Developer differs. Try creating a simple console application that would execute only your query. How long does it take to execute the query? Is it 30 seconds or less than a second?

PatrikAhlquist wrote:It's always a small value between Prepare and Execute

Command execution time displayed is not always the actual one. Try executing the following code:
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OracleMonitor mon = new OracleMonitor() { IsActive = true };
OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection("your connection string");
OracleCommand comm = new OracleCommand("BEGIN DBMS_LOCK.sleep(20); end;", conn);

It takes our dbMonitor approximately 20 seconds to process this command.
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