Calling Stored Procedure in silverlight(Non- RIA service)

Calling Stored Procedure in silverlight(Non- RIA service)

Postby RajeevDebnath » Tue 23 Aug 2011 02:36

Currently we are using dotConnect for Oracle and we are able to generate Entity Framework from oracle database with Tables, View and stored procedure as functions.

We are able to query from table and View from silverlight but don't know about stored procedure on Silverlight with Non-RIA service

We need to call stored procedure from silverlight for Non-RIA service supported client as we are doing for Views from silverlight.

Thanks in Advance for help.

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Postby Shalex » Wed 31 Aug 2011 13:09

Sorry, but this question exceeds the goals of our support. As we understood, you have a valid Entity Framework model based on our provider which works locally. If you encounter difficulties with using Silverlight for Non-RIA service (or with any other technology), please contact the corresponding support team.
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