Can not find Oracle home.

Can not find Oracle home.

Postby jpandya » Wed 06 Apr 2011 18:46

I have created application. It uses middle tier dll. In middle tier dll, i created classes using dotconnect for oracle. When i deployed the web site and dll to server, it started giving me "Can not find Oracle home." error.

I have another web application containing middle tier dll which use dotconnect for oracle to generate classes and it works fine on the same server.

I am not sure what i am missing this time to create dll or to create application.

Please help.
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Postby Shalex » Thu 07 Apr 2011 15:58

1. Do your both applications have the same "Home" connection string parameter?
2. Are your both applications built in the same mode (x86 or x64) that corresponds with the capacity of your Oracle client?
3. Please refer to this thread. Does it help?
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