SysDba privilege is restricted to Sys Y?

SysDba privilege is restricted to Sys Y?

Postby SAK » Mon 03 Oct 2005 07:20

I am using oradirect professional. I am encountering a problem when I am trying to connect as SysDba. I am using the following connection string:
ConnectionString= "Direct=True;Server=IP;Port=Port;Sid=SID;Password=manager;User Id=System;Connect Mode=SysDba;
It’s not connecting to the server and gives error:
ORA- 01017 : invalid username/password; logon denied
While everthing is right.When I tries to connect with userid=sys and password=syspassword it creates connection with the server, I would like to know that why other users are not allowed to connect with privileges other than Default, it seems that connect mode option is useful only for sys user what if other users want to connect as SysDba???
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Postby Paul » Tue 04 Oct 2005 06:54

"SYSTEM" user is not SysDba by default. You must execute


to allow connecting as SysDba. Please test your account with SQL*Plus
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