does not support in CE 5.0?

does not support in CE 5.0?

Postby under3 » Tue 18 Jan 2011 05:09

I develop using mobile edition in windows CE 5.0 with compact framework 2.0.

when I try to connect oracle db directly, I occured the exception which is "PlatformNotSupportedException".

this is my device.
1. CPU : Intel, ARM920T-PXA
2. OS : Windows CE 5.0
3. dotConnect Mobile for Oracle Standard Edition v6.0.58
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Postby Shalex » Tue 18 Jan 2011 13:58

Please try setting the Unicode property of your OracleConnection object to true. This will resolve the problem, if the server charset support is not available on your device.

If it doesn't help, give us the following information:
1) your call stack. We need to identify the function that gives this exception (navigate in the PlatformNotSupportedException pop-up menu to "View Details", and send us the content of StackTrace);
2) your database encoding (NLS_CHARACTERSET);
3) connection string (roughly, without credentials);
4) the version of .NET Compact Framework that is installed on your device: just go to Start > Programs > File Explorer. Navigate to the Windows folder and run cgacutil.exe. You will see a popup with the .NET CF version info.
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