Problem with autogenerated PK

Problem with autogenerated PK

Postby jpla2005 » Tue 26 Oct 2010 21:15

Hi all,

I have a problem again with autogenerated pk in Oracle. In my table I have a id field that is a varchar(32) and the default value is set to RAWTOHEX(SYS_GUID()).

In the other hand, In my model, I have this column mapped to an Id property as a not null string. Besides I selected the generation pattern as Identity.

When I try to insert a new entity in a database I get the error "ORA-01400", telling that I can't insert passing a null value in the pk property. I dont know why the generated sql statement include the pk, and this is the cause of the error.

I am using VS2010 with EF 4 and DotConnect for Oracle 5.60. Please, can you help me?
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Postby AndreyR » Wed 27 Oct 2010 16:16

Please make sure that you have changed the StoredGeneratedPattern attribute in the Store part of the model.
It is a known issue with VS EDM Designer, it does not make any change to the StoreGeneratedPattern attribute, in case it is changed in design time (only the annotation:StoreGeneratedPattern conceptual attribute is modified).
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Postby jpla2005 » Wed 27 Oct 2010 19:43

All right, that's the problem. The VS Designer only sets the value in CSDL, not in SSDL.

Thanks again
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Postby curelom » Tue 09 Nov 2010 18:53

Could you provide an example of this. I can't find it in my file.
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Postby Shalex » Wed 10 Nov 2010 17:42

curelom, please refer to There is a reference to a detailed example in that thread.
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