Receive Cursor Parameter

Receive Cursor Parameter

Postby maher » Thu 01 Sep 2005 18:55

I have a stored procedure that returns a "cursor" parameter. What do I need to do on C# side to retrieve this parameter.

Thank You in Advance
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Postby Paul » Fri 02 Sep 2005 09:34

You can use OracleCommand with stored procedure call in conjunction with OracleDataAdapter component and fill any DataSet as usual.
You can receive OracleCursor value from executed OracleCommand and receive OracleDataReader as described below

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OracleParameter p;
OracleDataReader r = ((OracleCursor)p.OracleValue).GetDataReader();

You can fill DataSet from any OracleCursor object as described below

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          DataSet ds = new DataSet();
          oracleDataAdapter1.Fill(ds, ((OracleCursor)cmd.Parameters["pcur"].OracleValue));
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