ASP.NET OracleDataSource with delete command

ASP.NET OracleDataSource with delete command

Postby hannes_a » Wed 14 Jul 2010 13:46

I use a OracleDataSource with a complex delete PLSQL command,
but it has during debug only paramter Original_ID.
I need your assistance to solve this, or is it a bug ?

Code: Select all
  v_migration number := 0;
  cursor c_instbase(p_instbase_id IN number) is
    select migration from instbase
      where id = p_instbase_id
      for update of migration NOWAIT;
  OPEN c_instbase (:INSTBASE_ID);
    FETCH c_instbase into v_migration;
    exit when c_instbase%NOTFOUND;
    if v_migration = 2 then
      update instbase set migration = 0 where current of c_instbase;
    end if;
  end loop;
  CLOSE c_instbase;
SelectCommand="select instbase_id, id from sysconfig sc">

(I removed unneccassary information)

btw: thank you for solving "Fixed bug with executing a PL/SQL block with two parameters of the same name" 5.70.140 20-May-10 ... highlight=
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Postby Shalex » Thu 15 Jul 2010 14:39

I have tried your sample with our database with the 5.70.146 build of dotConnect for Oracle. dbMonitor showed two parameters: INSTBASE_ID and ORIGINAL_ID. If you navigate to OracleDataSource Editor in design time, there also will be two parameters in the delete command editor. Could you please specify the result you were expecting to get? If there is a problem, please send us a complete small test project with the DDL/DML script to reproduce the problem in our environment.
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