Cannot find OracleDataSource in toolbox

Cannot find OracleDataSource in toolbox

Postby HDumas » Wed 20 Jan 2010 19:00

New to VS2008 and ASP.NET. I have been using ODAC with Delphi for past 7 years, so I downloaded docConnect trial version to see how it works.
But I cannot find OracleDataSource in the toolbox...
I have the OracleConnection which I use "direct" and I have OracleCommand with an SQL query and when I do execute I see the result. Now I want to plug this OracleCommand onto a Data Control.
I looked into the Tutorials and it does not tell me how... I have found that there exists a OracleDataSource but I do not have it on my toolbox...
I went to Choose element from toolbox... and in the tab ,NET Framework Component, I see the OracleDataSource... how do I bring it into the toolbox...
Thank you for any help.
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Postby StanislavK » Thu 21 Jan 2010 15:09

Please specify the type of your application.

If it is a WinForms application, the OracleDataSource component shouldn't be available. Please use, e.g., OracleDataTable or OracleDataReader instead. For more information on them, refer to our documentation:
Please see the "OracleDataTable class" and "OracleDataReader class" topics.

The OracleDataSource component is used in web applications. If you are working on a web (ASP.NET) project, OracleDataSource should be in the "Oracle Data" tab of the toolbox.

Please see the "Using OracleDataSource Component" topic of the "Using dotConnect for Oracle" section.
Also, refer to the MSDN documentation:

We support this way of the web DataSource usage.
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Postby HDumas » Thu 21 Jan 2010 20:17

thank you very much... you have given me some hints as to what to look for...

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