Compiling license when having a solution with some projects

Compiling license when having a solution with some projects

Postby Luix » Wed 25 Nov 2009 09:28

Hi all:

I have read the compiling license manually instructions in ... nsing.html,
but I have some problems with it:

In my case I have a solution which includes several projects (25), each of them generates a dll and one of them generates the .exe file.

Should I specify that exe when using the lc command? To which project should I add the exe.licenses file generated that way?

I still have a problem compiling my project that has been posted yet in this forum:

But that I cannot solve with the solution provided, as you can see in the latest post.

We need to compile a license for Oracle asap; if we cannot do that with your provider we'll have to seek another solution, which would be a pity because I have heard the good performance of your provider and the good results obtained with it.

Regards and sorry for the inconveniences,
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Postby Shalex » Thu 26 Nov 2009 10:42

1. Please visit We have answered you at that thread. Could you please specify your current version and edition of dotConnect for Oracle. You can learn it from the Tools | Oracle | About menu of Visual Studio.

2. Our license validator looks for the valid license in the following way:
*.exe -> FirstCalledClassLibrary.dll -> ... -> LastCalledClassLibrary.dll.
The valid license for *.exe has to be available at any level of this chain: either build in *.exe (licenses.licx), or added to one of the used class libraries (licenses.licx + licenses.config with the name of *.exe).
We recommend you the following (but you can choose your own solution):
a) if your 24 libraries are used only by one *.exe, try embedding the license resource only into this *.exe;
b) if your 24 libraries can be used by several *.exe, create licenses.licx and licenses.config (with the names of the *.exe files that will use these libraries) for every *.dll.

Compiling license manually is used in the case either your project does not have reference to Devart.Data.Oracle.dll or dotConnect for Oracle is not installed on your build machine (and you need to compile the license separately on the machine where dotConnect for Oracle is installed).

If you encounter any difficulties, please specify the scenario you want to implement and the problem you are experiencing.
Devart Team
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Postby Luix » Thu 26 Nov 2009 11:02

Hello, Shalex:

Yesterday I read the reply you posted, but we decided to not compile our project with VS (so we can avoid those problems I posted), but with nant, which we use more often to build and is platform independant.

The scenario is the following:
We have a server project which uses a lot of dlls generated in other projects which we develop as well. All of these are known as our "server" solution. This application can connect with several SGBD, such as Oracle, among others. Those connections are encapsulated in a data layer which is in fact a project (generates a .dll). As you can see, a very usual case.

Recently we implemented our Oracle backend using your provider, and we now want to include new Oracle tests in our testing process.
In order to do this we installed Oracle in an Oracle Enterprise Linux virtual machine, and now we want to embbed the license in order to use that virtual machine for those tests.

I have tried to generate a license with lc.exe specifying our .exe application as the target with no success; our .dll datalayer library as the target, studying the namespace with Reflector, in case I should change the name of the .licenses generated... with no success.

In my Windows machine, where I am working, it connects successfully (could be because I have installed a Devart trial version?), but when I copy the binaries generated of the project to the Linux machine and run them with mono, I obtain a "License not found" error.

I opened a thread with this problem in:;

you can answer in any of them; I will receive your answers in my mail.

Could you help us?

If you need more information, I'll give it to you asap and as better explained as I could.

Thanks for your attention and your time,
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Postby Shalex » Fri 27 Nov 2009 12:59

Luix, do you want to embed license to an executable or *.dll file? If you are embedding license to an executable file, please follow these steps::
1) generate the license resource (MyApplication.exe.licenses) on your Windows machine where dotConnect for Oracle is installed:
2) add this file to your project as embedded resource at your Linux box;
3) build your project.

Does it work? If not, please post here the exact text of the error message.

We have removed your thread "Problems compiling the license" as duplicated.
Devart Team
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Postby Luix » Fri 27 Nov 2009 13:31

Thank you very much for your reply.

It seems like it is very important to compile in Linux; as I state before, we compile with NANT when we want to build our projects (we only build with VS for debbugging purposes), and I think that it does not matter if we build in windows or linux using Nant, so I simply copied the bin files to linux and executed them with mono.

Maybe the resources are loaded with different prefixes, so next Monday I will compile the assemblies with Nant in Linux and study the prefixes in Windows using Reflector. I'll let you know the results.

We want a licence for our .exe application, so I generated a license for our .exe file.

We have put the .dll assemblies of Devart in the same directory as our bin and exe files.

Thanks and I'll let you know next Monday what we will have found and the exact message I obtain.
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