continous login attempts cause failure

continous login attempts cause failure

Postby sak » Fri 15 Jul 2005 11:33

I really want to appreciate the corelab Team for all of the efforts they made to make OraDirect.Net3.0. I am testing oraDirect.Net 3.0 as well as oraDirect3.01, there are certain problem areas I would like to share for the reason of solution. These problems are really important for me and I really need a solution if possible.
Problem comes when I continuously try to connect with an Oracle server using oraDirect.Net3.0 (Direct mode) with different user/password (which may exist on that server and may not), the program behaves differently for different version of Oracle as:

Behavior with oracle 9i: After some continues login attempts an error comes:
“ORA-12571 “ once this error comes it continues to come even on the right user and password and thereafter it never connects until I restart the program.

Behaviour With 10g:
When I do the same with 10g a different error comes: “NET: Invalid SID”
after 222 attempts and it continues to come thereafter. (even the SID is Valid)

Behavior with Oracle 8i:
When I do the same with Oracle 8i it exceeded the number of process continuously on each attempt and stop trying connecting after 226 attempts giving error "ORA 00020 maximum number of process(150) exceeded"

In oraDirect.NET3.0 Process exceeded error never comes with 9i,9i.2 and 10g because it’s not incrementing the process but oraDirect.NET3.01 increment the processes on 8i,9i,9i.2 and 10g even no connection established with server.

I want to shift my application to as soon as I got the solution for this problem please help me.
Looking forward for an early reply
Regards SAK

Postby Paul » Fri 22 Jul 2005 07:40

We cannot reprocuse your problem with OraDirect.Net in Direct mode on Oracle 9i.
Send us please small demo project to demonstrate the problem to OraDirect .Net support address and include script to create server objects.
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Postby Paul » Fri 22 Jul 2005 14:00

We found a bug with connection pooling in OraDirect .Net if OracleConnection cannot connect to server. Pool overflow after some connections. We will fix this problem in the next OraDirect build. We cannot reproduce your problem on Oracle 8,9,10. Can you reproduce your problem with Pooling=False?
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Postby SAK » Mon 25 Jul 2005 09:26

Well I thoroughly checked the whole process again with 8i,9i.2 and 10g using OraDirect3.01 (professional edition), Connection String="Direct=True;Server=hostname;Sid=sid;Port=port;Password=password;User Id=User Name; Pooling=False" and what I concluded is:
1) Processes continue to increase even with Pooling=False [you can check the pid column behavior for this purpose in gv$process table when trying to connect with server]
2)Usually errors like “ORA-12571” and “NET: Invalid SID” come before the maximum process limit achieved, so these errors are still coming.
It should be noted that I am using default setting of oracle Servers and any change on the server side is not the required solution.
A demo project has been sent to the support address.
Regards SAK

Postby Paul » Tue 26 Jul 2005 07:39

Thank you for information. We reproduced your problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in the
next OraDirect .Net build.
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