what is possible "primitive type" in SSDL

what is possible "primitive type" in SSDL

Postby john wang » Tue 08 Sep 2009 20:51

Hi, there,

Because we support multiple databases with same code, so I need to adjust data type to match different databases.

Now the problem is in Oracle Edmx.

In my CSDL, I changed a specific entity property/column data type from Int64 to Int32, in Oracle database, it links to a ID column with Number(10,0).
The SSDL, the default match type is int64.
Not it complies fine. But it seems I have to change data type in SSDL to something like int32, otherwise when I run it, it will crash when I try to save data.

But the compiler will not accept any names, like Int32, int32, integer, etc, reporting an error like:
Error 40: The Type Int32 is not qualified with a namespace or alias. Only PrimitiveTypes can be used without qualification.

When I using Devart to link to our tables, I see it accept data type like “int64, decimal, CHAR, DATE, VARCHAR2…”

My question is what is the possible so called “Primitive type” list it accept? Is it related with Oracle somehow?

Or is it legal to change this data type at all?

Please help. I already run out ideas.
john wang
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Postby AndreyR » Wed 16 Sep 2009 08:18

Please take a look at this post:
It contains the list of primitive types and some mapping clarification.
You can change the SSDL type of the column manually, but take into account the table I gave you the link for.
Devart Team
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Postby john wang » Wed 16 Sep 2009 17:15

Thanks. This is very helpful.
john wang
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