BINARY_INTEGER and/or PLS_INTEGER in stored procedure parameters

BINARY_INTEGER and/or PLS_INTEGER in stored procedure parameters

Postby ender » Mon 06 Jun 2005 11:38

How OraDirect.NET handle BINARY_INTEGER or PLS_INTEGER when they encountered in a stored procedure parameter list? I mean following procedure declaration:

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create or replace procedure Test(Value1 in pls_integer, ...

I'm tried to use such procedures in Delphi 2005 with ADO.NET and received parameters with type ftInterface. It seems even Borland don't know how to work with parameters of this type. What about OraDirect.NET?
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Postby Paul » Tue 07 Jun 2005 07:39

Use OracleDbType.Integer type for these parameters. Use oracleCommand1.CreateParameters(); for automatically creation of parameters collection

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      oracleCommand1.CommandText = "Test";
      oracleCommand1.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
      oracleCommand1.Parameters.Add("Value1", OracleDbType.Integer);
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