Using OracleDataSource in ASP.

Using OracleDataSource in ASP.

Postby rakgol_a » Tue 14 Oct 2008 06:30

Hi, Newbie

I have a grid on an ASP page hooked to OracleDataSource control.
On page load I would like to load the data manualy set
the query. I can set the query on OracleDataSource
but unlike OracleDataTable it does not have properties
like Active which I use in winforms to activate or deactivate
a data source.

How is this generally do something similar to forms where us have
OracleDataTable wired to OracleCommand for the select command
and one uses OracleDataTable.Active property to control when the
data is loaded and when it is not...etc.

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Postby Shalex » Tue 14 Oct 2008 12:37

The Active property doesn't matter for web pages, because the page will not update itself at the client side.
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