Encrypted connectionString

Encrypted connectionString

Postby i-co » Mon 19 May 2008 06:49

Hi all.

I'd like encryption connectionString , who using AspNetOracleMembershipProvider
for access into databases authorizetd users.
How I have got to use AspNetOracleMembershipProvider with encryption connectionString?

Sample of my web.config :


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Postby Alexey.mdr » Mon 19 May 2008 09:09

Well, it's quite easy.
You have got the following connection string
Code: Select all
connectionString="AQAAANCMnd8BFdERjHoAwE ... "
You don't need to worry about connectionString attribute which is encrypted. You only need the name of the connection string. In your example that is OracleServices.
From now on wherever you want to use the encrypted connection string you just need to specify ConnectionString = “OracleServices”.
Hope that helps.
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