Problem with binding

Problem with binding

Postby soso_xuc » Fri 16 May 2008 07:22

Hi there

i am using 4.5 and vs2005

my stored procedure parameters contain '#' symbols like 'OBJECT#', 'PROPERY#'.

when i try to exeute oraclecommand against such stored procedure oracle returns ora-01036 illegan variable name/number, but when i change the names of the parametars in the oracle procedure and recompile it oraclecommand works fine.

Do i miss anything ?

With best regards soso.
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Postby Alexey.mdr » Fri 16 May 2008 08:17

Hello Soso,

Please send me (alexeyman*crlab*com) a small test project to reproduce the problem.
It is desirable to use 'test' schema objects, otherwise include the
definition of your own database objects.
If it is impossible for you to create the test project, send us a piece of
your code where the error occurs.
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