New beta of OraDirect .NET 4.20 is available!

New beta of OraDirect .NET 4.20 is available!

Postby Alexey » Sat 14 Jul 2007 12:12

Dear users,

Please try new beta version 4.20 available for download now.
In OraDirect .NET 4.20 Beta we introduced following features:

  • Supported Visual Studio codename Orcas Beta 1
  • Supported .NET Entity Framework
  • Supported Proxy Authentication
  • Supported OCI Pooling
  • Enhanced command builder with generation of row refresh statements
  • Added detailed warning information to OracleInfoMessage class
  • Added DbCommand.GetRecordCount() method to determine rows count of a request
  • Added INullable interface for provider specific types
  • Added capability to store connection strings in a config file
  • Improved integration with OraDeveloper Tools
  • Extended drag'n'drop capabilities in DataSet Manager
  • Add-in menu moved to Visual Studio package
  • Demo projects reorganized
  • Added CRM (Customer Relationship Management) demo project
  • Added Ping demo project for Mobile Edition
  • Working with BLOBs in Direct mode significantly improved
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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